Out of competition

For the third consecutive year, we will keep in the Special Panorama Section where we will screen documentaries, out of competition, that are premiered in Spain:

France | 52 min. | 2019 |V.O French sub English

John Wayne was the most popular actor of the 20th century, the personification of a confident and unabashed America. For millions of viewers, he was the ultimate cowboy, a war hero, and an indomitable character. Forty years after his death, it is time to discover who lies behind the legend.

John Wayne, the Patriot

Directing: Jean Baptiste
Script: Jean Baptiste
Cinematography: Arthur Le Ret                                                                Art Director / Production design: Jean Baptiste
Producer: Gilles Berthaut                                                                            Editing: Solveig Risacher                                                                            Score: Stephane López 
Sound: Laurent Schwartz              
Cast: Voz de Éric Caravaca 


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