Almería Western Film Festival 2017


This section is included in the competition- Closing date of the call: 15th July 2018.

Made in Spain works with a maximum lasting of ten minutes will be presented in this official section of competitive character at national level. The works will be free creation pieces (fiction, video, false commercial, video clip, etc.), but all of them will form part of the Western genre.

Spain | Bande a Part  | 5:55 min. | O.V Spanish


Directing: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Cast: Rubén Romero, Joaquín Fernández, Josep María Alejandre Salat, Juan Zarco Javier, Manuel Aguilar Téllez.
Script: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Producer: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Cinematography: Yaroslav Prokhorov, Sofía Sánchez
Art Director / Production design: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Editing: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Sound: Alexander Pizarro
Costume:  Yaroslav Prokhorov

A son returns to his hometown, which belongs to the wild west, after a long stay in the city and witnesses the murder of his father, which forces him to take revenge.

Not recommended for under 12 years

Spain | UMH Film School | 14:33 min. | O.V Spanish


Directing: Fran Mateu
Cast: Silvia Conesa, Rebeca Sala, Morgan Blasco, Alvarito Sentamans, Vicente Alberto Sopale (Vince), Joako Palomar y Fele Pastor
Script: Fran Mateu
Producer: Escuela de Cine UMH, Guillermo López Aliaga
Cinematography: Vicente Javier Pérez Valero
Art Director / Production design: Mario-Paul Martínez
Editing: Víctor Del Olmo
Score: Joan Cuadra
Sound: Joan Cuadra, Sergio Rueda y Francisco Javier Patricio
Costume: Beatriz Gómez y Paula Sánchez

Sheriff Marty Mc Gregor has been the victim of an Indian curse. Connie Malone, his wife, will have to hide him until that curse has finished. And that moment will take place when the day embraces the night and the last crow of the damned town of Hell West has died.

Not recommended for under 16 years

Spain | ESCAC | 18 min. | Without dialogues


Directing: Paco Ruiz
Cast: Albert Baró, Paco poch
Script: Paco Ruiz, Oriol Pérez
Producer: Carlos Solano
Cinematography: Toni Vidal
Art Director / Production design: Blanca Cuadreny
Editing: Oriol Pérez
Score: Daniel Díaz
Sound: Eloy Rodríguez
Costume: Atena Pou y Paula Arévalo

The Pyrenees, 1883. Silo and his brother Bruno are escaping from a crowd of villagers when they begin a trip through the mountains. Tired of escaping every time that Bruno gets on troubles, Silo faces the dilema of changing their lifes forever.

Not recommended for under 12 years

Spain | Bande a part | 8:41 min. | O.V Spanish


Directing: Dídac C. Forroll
Cast: Erica Bertamini Hoashi, Isaac Lefrancier, Hugo Querol, Marina Olle, Joan Josep M. Salat, Dídac Cabello, Yaroslav Prokhorov
Script: Dídac C. Forroll
Producer: Dídac C. Forroll
Cinematography: Yaroslav Prokhorov
Art Director / Production design: Dídac C. Forroll
Editing: Yaroslav Prokhorov, Dídac C. Forroll
Score: Dídac C. Forroll
Sound: Dídac C. Forroll
Costume: Dídac C. Forroll

Two travelers arrive from civilization to announce the arrival of the railroad in the towns further away from the old west. One of them will realize that there is something more important to attend to.

Not recommended for under 13 years

Spain | TAI University School | 4:40 min. | O.V Japanese – Spanish subtitles


Directing: Mario Fernández-Villanueva
Script: Jorge Pareja García
Producer: Daniel Jiménez Rodríguez
Cinematography: Jorge Pareja García
Art Director / Productiondesign: Mario Fernández-Villanueva
Editing: Mario Fernández-Villanueva
Score: Mario Fernández-Villanueva (“El club de los cuerpos”, “Triggernometry”, “Theme from Red Dead Redemption” and “The Shootist” by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)
Sound: Mario Fernández-Villanueva
Costume: Mario Fernández-Villanueva

Two men’s fate converge in a disaster called “future”. Twin sons of an hysteric society, risk their brittle honor in a fierce duel that will trascend the limits of an ordinary battle. Love, pride and vengeance witness the tragical becoming of a past stained with hate and apple pie.

Suitable for all ages

Spain | Pesenelagua school | 5:30 min. | O.V. Spanish


Directing: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Cast: Lucía Ramos, Yvoneth Sánchez, Mertxe Moreno, Begoña Sánchez, Jesús Mario Corona, Rubén parra, Gonzalo Carrasco, Antonio Barroso
Script: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Producer: Javier Mondragón Cazorla (JMC Productions)
Cinematography: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Art Director / Production design: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Editing: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Score: Javier Mondragón Cazorla
Sound: Javier Mondragón Cazorla, Irene Mondragón, Toñi Cazorla
Costume: Javier Mondragón Cazorla, Mª Josefa Cazorla, Toñi Cazorla, Irene Mondragón, José Luís Moreno, Carmen Navas, Elisa Orduña, Maribel Gilabert, María Antonia Ramírez, Casa Rosita, Kraken Props

Maria, an elderly woman, recalls the moments that most marked her life, linking them to Nature through the metaphor materialized in an orange tree, a parallelism by which she tries to bequeath a better world to her grandson by expressing poetically her experiences in his book: “Seeds”.

Not recommended for under 18 years