Almeria Western Film Festival

Almeria Western Film Festival (AWFF) is a dynamic contest that has over the years managed to become a reference event in the Western genre at international level. It is considered as one of the essential meetings of Almeria “Land of Cinema” due to its leisure and cultural character, as well as to a careful and varied program for all ages.

Every year, the AWFF of Tabernas receives professionals, amateurs, families, and national or international tourists. It is an appointment for people who want to enjoy, discover and inquire into the Western genre. The objective of the program is to show the new tendencies in the genre at a global level, including all the formats: full-length films, short films, and documentaries, among others.

The distinctive feature of the festival is its ontological character: the cinema has had a link with the province of Almeria for the last fifty years, taking part in the lives of natives: in their job specialization, in their culture, and in the exportation of their natural landscapes through the cinema, which is a motivation for the socioeconomic and touristic development. It is impossible to dissociate the province of Almeria from the audiovisual sector in all its facets. It is necessary to raise the value of the past of this heritage, as well as to bet for its present and its future.