This section is included in the competition-
The main purpose of the Almeria Western Film Festival is to diffuse and promote the Western genre films to contribute to the knowledge of the world cinema industry. AWFF 2019 will offer an overview of the current cinema in terms of this genre. The films presented will participate in the official competition if they are previously selected by the judges of the festival. Each participant will be informed after the evaluation of the judges.

Official Section

Big Kill

Scott Martin  More info

Saturday 12, 12.00 h.

Deadwood: The Movie

Daniel Minahan  More info

Friday 11, 12.00 h. 


Alberto Romero  Más info

Friday 11, 10.00 h.


Juan Diego Escobar More info

Saturday 12, 16.00 h.


Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas More info

Friday 11, 20.30 h. 

The head of Gumercindo Saraiva

Tabajara Ruas More info

Friday 11, 23.00

The Outsider

Timothy Woodward Jr. More info

Saturday 12, 18.30 h.

The Sisters Brothers

Jacques Audiard More info

Saturday 12, 20.30 h.