Cortos AWFF2021
Cortos AWFF2021

KAZAKHSTAN | 2022 | 73 min | V.O. sub. Castellano

Azamat and Danyar are rangers working at a vast steppe national park. Azamat is an experienced veteran. Danyar takes his first steps into the job.

They not only enforce law in the park. They help people who get lost in the steppe.

An accidental killing change their lives forever. Now they have to engage in a deadly fight with a group of poachers headed by the victim’s vengeful father. Their only help is a friend of Azamat, an enigmatic recluse living in the steppe.


Dirección: Maxim Akbarov
Reparto: Seidulla Moldakhanov,  Dauren Sergazin, Sergey Garmash, Zhanel Makazhan,  Erzhan Tussupov
Guion: Maxim Akbarov
Producción: Maxim Akbarov, Timur Akbarov
Produccion ejecutiva: SANDRA TAPIA
Dirección de fotografía: Sherkhan Tansykbaev
Dirección artística: Ermek Utegenov
Montaje: Nurtas Mamytbaev
Música: Sergey Azbel
Sonido: Ruslan Sakiev
Vestuario: Zhanar Raim

Recomendada para mayores de 16 años

Proyección el miércoles, 11 de octubre a las 10:30 h en el teatro municipal de Tabernas

Cortos AWFF2021

Maxim Akbarov

Maxim was born in Kazakhstan in Almaty, has three higher educations in Journalism, Tourism, Marketing and Cinema. He took courses at the New York Film Academy in 2011. He worked as a TV producer from 2005 to 2009. Filmed a large number of commercials, music videos. He worked as vice president of the national film studio Kazakhfilm from 2010 to 2016. Filmed as a producer of television series, 2 feature films and one film as a director. All films will premiere in 2022. CEO «Golden man media»

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