Cortos AWFF2021
Night on fire

Chequia|  2021 |  14:57 min. | V.O  sub Castellano 

Night on fire

Director/a: Martin Kuba
Producción: FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
Guión: Martin Kuba, Lucie Palkoskova
Dirección de fotografía: Filip Rejč
Dirección artística: Anika Homolová, Rozálie Brožková
Diseño de producción: Anika Homolová, Rozálie Brožková
Sonido: Matěj Chrudina
Musica: Pavel Kopecký
Montaje: Jakub Podmanický
Vestuario: Anna Hrušková

A group of boy scouts is confronted for the first time with the erotic, laughable, disturbing yet oddly beautiful world of adulthood. Faced with secrets and pretense, their friendship goes through trial by fire.

No recomendada para menores de 13 años

Será proyectada en el teatro municipal de Tabernas el Lunes 11 de Octubre a las 10 h

Cortos AWFF2021

Martin Kuba

Martin has studied Film Direction at FAMU, Prague, now develops his debut feature film ‘Three Weeks Under the Sea’. Short films ‘The Celebration’ and ‘The Lion, the Antelope and the Beautiful Blonde’ have been screened internationally, including 40th Montreal World Film Festival and 32nd WFF Warsaw.

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