Cortometrajes 2022
Cortometrajes 2022

EEUU| 2023 | 8min. 03seg. | V.O. con subtítulos en Castellano

A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon.

Dark Side of the Moon

Dirección: Lincoln Reed​
Reparto: Thomas Casey Zellers, Jordan Mullins
Guion: Lincoln Reed
Producción: Lincoln Reed
Dirección de fotografía:B.G. Moore
Dirección artística: Lincoln Reed
Montaje: B.G. Moore and Lincoln Reed
Música: Artlist royalty free music: “On the Knife’s Edge” by Tilman Sillescu, “Man” by Lou Kelly.
Sonido: Ricky Wilson Jr. and Adam Garner
Vestuario: Gabby Reed

Recomendada para mayores de 12 años

Miércoles, 11 de octubre a las 16:00 h / Saloon del Oasys MiniHollywood / Proyección

Cortometrajes 2022

Lincoln Reed

Lincoln Reed is a writer, filmmaker, and professor. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Miami University (Ohio) and is the co-founder of Agriluna Media, a film production company based in Indianapolis, IN. When he’s not writing or creating films, Lincoln serves as an assistant professor of film and media arts at Taylor University.

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