Cortometrajes 2022
Cortometrajes 2022

Suiza | 2023 | 17 min. 50seg. | V.O. con subtítulos en Castellano

Bernadette pulls her sled through a snowy mountain landscape in search of an outlaw with a big cash reward on his head. But when she finally finds him, her problems are just beginning. A trapper has picked up her trail.

Bounty for Bernadette

Dirección: Andreas Elsener
Reparto: Chantal Dubs, Nikolaus Schmid, Alberto Ruano, Alec Rosenthal, Yaron Kehm
Guion: Andreas Elsener
Producción: Andreas Elsener Filmproduktion
Dirección de fotografía: Martin Wey
Dirección artística: Wichheca Hin, Fabio Rothlin
Montaje: Andreas Elsener
Música: Silvio Buchmeier
Sonido: Reto Fehr, Nadine Gierak
Vestuario: Naïma Heim

Recomendada para mayores de 12 años

Viernes, 13 de octubre a las 10:30 h /  Saloon del Wéstern Leone / Proyección

Cortometrajes 2022

Andreas Elsener

Andreas Elsener is a director, writer and editor from Zurich, Switzerland.

Born in 1991, Andreas Elsener holds a Master of Arts in Classical Archaeology and Film Studies graduating from the University of Zurich in 2018.

He directed various short films, the feature film „Durch die Nacht“ and the documentary feature “Berg der Steine” (“Monte Iato” – The Story of an Excavation”).

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