Ángel del Pozo, “Tabernas de Cine” Award

Sunday 11th October at 21:00 h 
Teatro Municipal de Tabernas – Closing Gala

The “Tabernas de Cine” Award of the 10th edition of the AWFF will be awarded to the actor Ángel del Pozo, as the major of the town, Jose Díaz, has announced. “He has a long career, he has participated in more than sixty films, from which thirty are included in the western genre. He stands out because of his participation in films directed by the Italian director Sergio Sollima, who took part in the trio “Los Sergios”, as it was denominated by the spaguetti westers lovers, together with Leone and Corbucci”, José Diaz, has affirmed. Therefore, the Special Retrospective Section will include the screening of “Cara a cara” (Sergio Sollima, 1967), that was filmed in the Tabernas desert, and whose cast includes the actor Ángel del Pozo and the soundtrack was created by the master Ennio Morricone.