La Sargento Matacho| Colombia | 2016 | 93 Min|  O.V Spanish

In 1948 the partisan violence whips the Colombian countryside. Liberals and Conservatives face up to death. South of the country in Tolima, conservative official forces brutally kill several liberal farmers, among them the husband of Rosalba Velasco. The young woman, mother of a two years old child, witnesses the massacre and suffers a psychic process of depersonalization and turns out herself an instrument of revenge and death. The young woman stands out for her courage and gains respect and admiration from his male companions. She will be further known with the alias Sergeant Matacho and will become a legendary personage among the incipient Colombian guerrilla movement. She dies at hands of the Colombian army when she is on the verge of giving birth a son of Desquite, a famous brigand of the time.


Director: William González
Writer: Marco Antonio López
Producers:  Alian Hleap, Diana Zuleta
Cinematographer:  Martín Boege
Composer: Alejandro Ramírez
Production Design: Sigfrido Barjau
Production Company: Coproducción Colombia-México-EspañaAustralia; Enic Producciones / Alpha Acosta / Teyso Media Ficción / Galloping Films
Actors: Fabiana Medina, Damián Alcázar, Marlon Moreno, Juan Pablo Franco, Sebastián Lemus, Juan Pablo Barragán, María González

Film Exhibited during #AWFF2017

Not recommended for under 18 years

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