Retrospective Section

‘Cara a cara’, by Sergio Sollima (Italy, 1967).

Spain | 1967 | 107 min. | V. Castellano

Directing: Sergio Sollima
Cast: Volonté, Gian María. , Milian, Tomas. , Berger, William. , Modio, Jolanda. , Rizzo, Gianni. , André, Carole. , Alfonsi, Lydia. , Pozo,
Angel del. , Robledo, Lorenzo. , Pazzafini, Nello. , Veras, Linda. , Braña, Frank. , D´Aquino, Rossella. , Casas, Antonio. , Sanbrell, Aldo. , Torres, José. , Sanz, Paco. , Heron, Guy. , Scratuglia, Ivan.            Producer: Arturo González Rodríguez 

Script: Donati, Sergio. , Sollima, Sergio 
production: Coproducción Italia-Alemania del Oeste                                                                    Editing Alabiso, Eugenio
Cinematography: Pacheco, Rafael
Score: Morricone, Ennio

The story of a civil servant who lives with his elderly mother. Falling in love with a corrupt politician’s young and rich daughter, he abandons himself to crazy and violent situations. (IMDB)

Not recommended for under 7 years

SCREENING on 10.10.2020 from 22:00 to 23:30 at the TABERNAS MUNICIPAL THEATER