West of Calico
West of Calico

Italia – EEUU | 2020 | 10 min. 30 seg. |  V.O. subtítulos en Castellano

In 1849, two brothers travel to California in hopes of Iinding gold. After an arduous search they’re now lost, low on food and the tension between them is starting to rise.

West of Calico

Directing: Luca Pizzoleo
Cast: Ryan Emilio Molina & Raz Fritz
Script: Luca Pizzoleo
Producer: Pizzoleo Productions
Cinematography: Luca Pizzoleo
Art Director: Luca Pizzoleo
Editing: Luca Pizzoleo
Score: Alexander Arntzen
Sound: Luca Pizzoleo
Costume: Luca Pizzoleo


Screened at the municipal theater of Tabernas on Sunday, October 10 at 10 a.m.

West of Calico


Luca Pizzoleo is a 22-year-old independent Iilmmaker and photographer. He is known for his award-winning short Iilms Seeking Rebirth, Gold and his upcoming short West of Calico. He has won numerous awards and has had his work featured in several publications, including Basic Magazine and The New York Times.

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