Spain | 2019 | 20 min. |  Spanish

It is the story of “Teense Town”, a town inhabited mostly by women in which there is no stitch without thread and everything fits perfectly except in the police station. Rita Garcia, the Sheriff, has no one to fill the void in her cell. This will change with the arrival in the town of two dangerous outlaws: La Zurda and La Diestra.

Una vez en Teense Town

Directing: Elitxo Garayalde López y Rosa Cabrera Díez
Cast: Marta Garayalde López, Mercedes de Vega Blázquez, Almudena Matas Bagüés, Patricia Zuanelli Delgado, Victoria Martínez Alorda, Elitxo Garayalde López
Script: Elitxo Garayalde López
Producer: María Ramírez Avenza
Cinematography: Eduardo Biurrun Salvador
Art Director/Production design: María Ramírez Avenza
Editing: Elitxo Garayalde López
Score: Javier López de Guereña y Maleso
Sound: Daniel Mendoza
Costume: Pau Aulí

For all publics

Screened in Official Section AWFF20

Elixto Garayalde

She studied audiovisual communication in Madrid and later the master’s degree in 3D computer animation, MA ISCA, in the Balearic Islands. She works in production for film and television and after making a couple of social-themed documentaries, she makes the animated short film “Asómate al balcon” that deals with the issue of uprooting in the third age. “Once in Teense Town” is her first short fiction and real image. It is shot with natural actresses and also has a 2D animation part.

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