France | Christophe Karabache | 93 min. | O.V France – Spanish subtitles

While on the run, Erwan, a young defector, meets Celia, a lost soul who joins him in his getaway. They are both trailed by an old man, Institoris, sent by the system to track them down and seize them, dead or alive.



Directing: Christophe Karabache
Cast: Angelo Aybar, Stevens Fay, Claudia Fortunato
Script: Christophe Karabache
Producer: Vincent Fournier (Dragway productions)
Cinematography: Aurélian Pechméja
Editing: Christophe Karabache
Score: Michel Duprez, Gauthier Keyaerts, Vincent Honca, Stephan Ink
Not recommended for under 18 years

Christophe Karabache

Christophe Karabache is a French-Lebanese filmmaker. He completed his Masters in Cinema Studies at Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle and at The University of Iowa (USA). He began his exploration of film at l’Etna, an alternative workshop in Paris. His films have been showcased at several international film festivals and theatrically released in France.
– Venus Obscura (2017 – 102min)
– Zeitgeist Protest (2016 – 93min)
– Sadoum (2015 – 96min))

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