The Chess Master
The Chess Master

Polish | 2020 | 12 min. 40 seg. | V.O. con subtítulos en Castellano

Eddie, a young chess master, prepares himself for a duel with his
biggest opponent. His preparation for the game is interrupted by a
mysterious letter.

The Chess Master

Directing: Piotr Matyja
Cast: Dominik Mirecki, Marek Świątek, Adam Pietrzak, Andrzej
Gałła, Marcin Chabowski, Paweł Pacyna
Script: Piotr Matyja
Producer: Piotr Matyja, Wojciech Januszewski
Cinematography: Konrad Miklaszewski
Art Director: Maria Pawlicka
Editing: Helena Wieczorek
Score: Antoni Sztynek
Sound: Jarosław Downar
Costume: Zuzanna Ostropolska-Nalewaja


Screened at the municipal theater of Tabernas on Monday, October 11 at 10 a.m.

The Chess Master

Piotr Matyja

Piotr was born and raised in Wrocław, where he Ninished Creative writing and Editing. Started making Nilms when he was twelve, using his dad’s video camera. Loves old war movies and Nilms by Francois Truffaut. Worked as 1st Assistant Director, 2nd 2nd Assistant Director and as an Unit Production Manager Assistant on various tv shows and Nilms. Currently studies directing at American Film Institute.

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