Argentina | Ezequiel Yoffe | 18 min. | V.O. Castellano

The Burning Shadow is a Western Kolla that questions the classical view of hero-villan construct. José, an evil man, crosses the mountains to recover an old love that no longer waits for him. Asunta, his ex wife, will have to fight to survive his visit.


Directing: Ezequiel Yoffe
Cast:  Juan palomino, Charo Bogarín
Script:  Ezequiel Yoffe / Diego García
Producer:  Giorgina Mesiano
Cinematography:  Alan Steinberg
Art director:  Paula Ferrer
Editing:  Carlos Cambariere


Not recommended for under 13 years

Ezequiel Yoffe

Ezequiel Yoffe holds a degree in Teaching of Audiovisual Arts from UNSAM, and in Film Montage by ENERC National Film School of Argentina

He has worked in the audiovisual industry in the areas of Direction, Production and Montage for more than 18 years.

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