British | 2019 | 12 min. 56 seg. | V.O. sub spanish

A wiley street vendor flees London in search of the American dream promised by his late father, but he can’t find it anywhere. A whimsical no-dialogue adventure spanning 2 continents, greatly inspired by the silent films of Buster Keaton.

Snake oil

Directing: Remy Archer
Cast: Tom Gaskin, Charlie Cooper, Daniel Goncalves
Script: Tom Gaskin and Remy Archer
Producer: Leila Jones, Ed Tull, Darin Basile
Cinematography: Remy Archer
Art Director/Production design: Tom Gaskin and Remy Archer
Editing: Remy Archer
Score: Remy Archer plus licensed tracks
Sound:: Remy Archer
Costume: Tom Gaskin

For all publics

Screened in Official Section AWFF20

Remy Archer

Remy Archer is a director of film, circus arts and VR. He cut his filmmaking teeth making BMX videos in his teenage years, but it wasn’t until he started his career as a circus performer that he realised his passion for directing. Snake Oil is his first narrative film.

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