Andorra | 2018 | 12,46 min. | O.V French / Spanish subtitles

Second World War. Blood in the snow. Marie, a french refugee, wakes up wounded and disoriented in the middle of a blizzard. There are no signs to help her recreate her path. Ahead, a mysteriously quiet forest separates her from her daughter. How will she cross it? Is there any way out?

Le Blizzard

Directing: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny
Cast: Aida Folch, Isak Férriz
Script: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny
Producer: Paula Peña
Cinematography: Olmo Sobrino
Art Director / Production design: Chary Romero
Editing: Paula Peña
Score: Miguel Espinosa, Carlos Lozano
Sound: Helena Placencia
Vestuario: Paula Arévalo

Not recommended for under 18 years


Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

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