Irene | Sweden| 2017 | 15 min. | O.V Spanish

In a snowy village of Dalarna, Irene, a violent, revenge seeking, bounty-hunter are on a quest to find the man who killed her mother.


Director: Anton Rinzén
Writer:  Alex Stråe
Cinematographer: Marcus Östling 
Producer:  Alex Stråe, Sofia Fors
Artistic direction:  Sofia Fors
Sound:  Tommy Bergström
Production company: Sofia Fors
Actors:  Johanna Sandström, Roger Melin, Niclas W Bergqvist, Olle Ekman, Susanne Hörnquist, Alec Toselli, Magnus af Sandeberg y Mikael Laaksonen

Film Exhibited during #AWFF2017

Not recommended for under 15 years

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