Italy | 2020 | 15 min.  |  V.O. con subtítulos en Castellano

In the borderlands, crossed by climate refugees looking for safety, men face their primordial nature, in a bleak reality where the law of the strongest rules the world. Hidden in an underground shelter and resigned to his fate, the main character observes the definitive decline of society as it surrender to the evil nature of men, until a special encounter, interpreted as a divine sign of light, turns on his faith and hope for the future of humanity.


Directing: Daniele De Muro
Cast: Carlo Porru, Chiara Lai, Viola Scuderi, Daniele Meloni, Sara Fanari, Elisa Desogus, Alessandro Desogus, Franca Conradis
Script: Daniele De Muro
Producer: Daniele De Muro
Cinematography: Daniele De Muro
Art Director: Daniele De Muro
Editing: Daniele De Muro
Score: Claudio Meloni
Sound: Federico Rescaldani
Costume: Stefania Deiana


Screened at the municipal theater of Tabernas on Monday, October 11 at 10 a.m.


Daniele De Muro

Born on december 15, 1984 in Sardinia, Italy.Daniele De Muro is a director, producer, editor and cinematographer.He studied filmmaking at CELCAM and he worked during the past ten years in film sets, side by side with professionals from the italian independent cinema industry.

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