Australian | James Di Martino | 14:32 min. | O.V English

Set in an alternative history, remnants of the Kelly gang Sigma Esconden and RJ Stussy are now washed up con men. The bushrangers try to con a rich merchant out of money who happens to be a very important person who has to meet the towns sergeant at “Five O’Clock” sharp.



Directing: James Di Martino
Cast: Daniel Facciolo, Damian Oheme, David Black, Albert Goikhman, Thomas Pattan
Script: James Di Martino
Producer: James Di Martino, Claudio Di Martino
Cinematography: Rhys Sherring
Art Director: James Di Martino, Rhys Sherring
Editing: James Di Martino


Not recommended for under 13 years

James di martino

James’ has directed four short films and produced a total of 6 shorts. His projects include:
– The Lazy Barber (2016)
– Coinflipper (2017)
– The Painted World (2017)
– Congratulations (2017)
– The Immigration game (2018)
– Five Oclock (2018)
– Feature Film: The Faceless Man (2019)

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