Downunder | Spanish | 2017 | 19 min. | O.V Spanish – English subtitles

Daniel, a parent goes to the Tenant population, is the year 81 in the American Southwest, the sun is beating down and passes the old familiar chevi bill. Daniel gets thrown roadside of a sea shore. In this place there are very few cars, it is not advisable to travel alone if those ditches talk…


Director: Fernando González Gómez
Writer:  Fernando González Gómez
Cinematographer: Helher Escribano
Producer:   Maria José Perez Beltrán
Artistic Direction:  Laura Lostalé
Composer:  Alf Garret, Iker Arranz
Sound:  José Luis Morales
Edition:   Fernando González Gómez
Animation: Alex Diez, José Luis Sánchez
Actors: Niko Verona, Maggie Civantos, Ramiro Blas, Marcial Álvarez, Ferando Tielve

Film Exhibited during #AWFF2017

Not recommended for under 12 years

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