Caligo| Germany | 2016 | 7 min. | O.V Germán – Spanish subtitles 

Lea thought Ben was her real real father all her life. When she finds out that he was involved in murdering of her reals parents, she seaks revenge.


Director: Vicent Ercolani
Writer: Vicent Ercolani, Simon Schares
Cinematographer:  Simon Schares
Producer:  Vicent Ercolani, Simon Schares
Artistic direction:  Vicent Ercolani, Simon Schares
Sound: Haroon Derakhshan
Edition:  Vicent Ercolani
Production company: Vicent Ercolani
Actors: Mathes Dues, Peter Kothans, Gunther Eggerstedt, Anna Krajci

Film Exhibited during #AWFF2017

Not recommended for under 12 years

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