Spain | 2020 | 9 min. 48 seg. |  spanish

The famous holster Calamity Jane must face the local sheriff, “Rubio”, head of the gang of criminals known as “La Manada”.

Calamity Jane 1882

Directing:  Enrique Novials
Cast: Natalia Gómara, Josep María Alejandre, Emma Ros, Miguel Ángel Romero, Gabriel Rueda, José Gallardo
Script: Enrique Novials
Producer: May Roca y Enrique Novials
Cinematography: Adrián Barcelona
Art Director / Production design:May Roca
Irene Solanas
Sergi Sabater y María González
Sergi Sabater
 Armería Leonardo

Not recommended for under 7 years

Screened in Official Section AWFF20

Enrique Novials

Graduated in Humanities from the UOC (Barcelona 2014). He started as an actor at the Globe Theater in Zaragoza. He moved to Tarragona where he worked as an actor at Universal Studios Port-Aventura. He began directing amateur theater groups and directing / producing short films, some of them selected at various national and international festivals. His stories always have a personal poetic thread.

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