Almería 3000 |Spain | 2016 | 12 min. | O.V. spanish

Post-apocalyptic Western that takes place in Almeria,in the year 3000,a place and a time where human life is worth nothing.


Director: Francisco Joaquín Sánchez Calvo
Writer:  Fran J.S.C.
Cinematographera: Fran J.S.C.
Producers Fran J.S.C.
Artistic direction:  Fran J.S.C.
Sound:  Fran J.S.C.
Production Design:  Fran J.S.C.
Production Company: Andromeda Nebula Film Production
Actors: Action Bruce, Ame Geijo, Juanjo Grau Alonso, Antonio Massetti, Manuel Vivó, Alexander Lemus.

Viernes 7 de Octubre – 15:00 h. – Teatro Municipal de Tabernas

Not recommended for under 16 years

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