France | 2019 | 12 min. | O.V French / Spanish subtitles

Due to a virus, most of the planet’s population disappeared. In order of saving the last survivors, a hunter has to find the last infected.

The Last Breath

Directing: Thomas Haimet, Jiyoung Moon
Cast: Eric Moscardo, Franck Muon
Script: Edouard Emuralian, Thomas Haimet, Lucas Gardet, Jiyoung Moon, Yikung Nam
Producer: Beatrice Borowiec – Pistoleros
Cinematography: Lancelot Tinfifgnies, Tim Win
Editing: Thomas Haimet, Edouard Emuralian
Score: Tristan Gattegno
Sound: Grégoire Duboy
Costume: Thomas Haimet, Edouard Emuralian, Jiyoung Moon, Yikyung Nam, Lucas Gardet

Suitable for all ages



I’ve always been a fan of cinema, and being raised in the countryside, surrounded by horses, western is the genre with which I always identified the most. Then, during my studies, I found out that what interested me was to be able to create my own stories,


I studied arts in South Korea before attending a fine arts school in Bordeaux (école des beaux arts) where I graduated. Following this degree I decided to follow what I like best : cinematography. I pursued my studies at MJM graphic design school where I just graduated in special effects and video editing. I love creating content and working in post production to deliver emotion to people.

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