Dutch (The Netherlands) | 2019 | 4,37 min. | O.V Dutch / Spanish subtitles

We continue to follow a cowboy on his path into the empty nothingness of the desert after he rides out of the town he just saved.

The End

Directing: Wiebe Bonnema
Script: Wiebe Bonnema
Producer: Wiebe Bonnema
Cinematography: Wiebe Bonnema
Art Director / Production design: Wiebe Bonnema
Editing: Wiebe Bonnema
Score: Thomas Kok
Sound: Anselm Oettel, Melchior van Schuppen

Not recommended for under 18 years


Wiebe Bonnema

Wiebe Bonnema was born in 1995, went to Artez hogeschool voor de kunsten, and graduated here with his animated short ‘The End’ in 2019

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