U.S | 2018 | 14,55 min. | O.V English / Spanish subtitles

Two cash-strapped cowhands resort to stealing their employer’s cattle, dragging an immigrant worker in on the heist. But they’re about to get caught in the act, and the angry rancher is hellbent on giving them a taste of old-school justice in this contemporary tale of the American West.

Rustlers: Ladrones de Ganado

Directing:​ Rob York
Cast: ​Brandon Ray Olive, Travis Farris, Cory C. Dangerfield
Script: ​Rob York
Producer: ​Rob York
Cinematography: ​Elliot York
Art Director / Production design: ​Jake Packer
Editing: ​Rob York
Score: ​Nathaniel Drew
Sound: ​Joseph Belliston
Costume: ​Rob York

Not recommended for under 18 years


Rob York

Rob York is a regional Emmy® award-winning editor, who has recently turned his attention to writing and directing. His 2017 sci-fi feature Magellan was called an “impressive debut” by the British Film Institute’s “​Sight and Sound” ​ magazine. Rob currently resides near Park City, Utah, where he is working on his next feature.

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