France | 2019 | 10,22 min. | O.V French / Spanish subtitles

In 1837, the chief of the Tahwacks tribe cursed his land murmuring a prophecy: « When the time comes to putting to death, the blood of the executioner will flow only by the instrument of his own hate ». Today, this land is named Louisiana.


Directing: Benjamin Leinster
Cast: Benoit Repellin, Thomas Sagot, Balthazar Gouzou
Script: Victorien Coillard, Guillaume Pereira
Producer: Ginella Production
Cinematography: Mathieu Bely
Art Director / Production design: Guillaume Pereira, Victorien Coillard
Editing: Benjamin Leinster, Guillaume Pereira, Victorien Coillard
Score: Guillaume Pereira
Sound: Julien Chapellier
Costume: Victorien Coillard, Guillaume Pereira, Christine Baujard, Sommier & Fils

Not recommended for under 10 years


Benjamin Leinster

Benjamin Leinster is a film director born in Switzerland and who grew up in France. Since his young age, he has always been interested in photography and filmmaking. He moved to Paris 2 years ago because it was the city of art and a lot of movie makers have been working there. Louisiane is the last short film he has directed and it was an amazing experience.

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