Tabernas village

The main venue of the Almeria Western Film Festival is the village of Tabernas, known throughout Europe as the cradle of “Spaghetti Western”. During the AWFF, the local theater (500 seats) will host the official section. “La Glorieta de España” Square and the Área de Los Pinos are also locations for other activities of the event.

Touristic Information

Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood

Oasys Mini Hollywood

Teatro Municipal de Tabernas

Ayuntamiento de Tabernas

Área de Los Pinos

Oficina de turismo

Vista panorámica Tabernas

Teatro municipal de Tabernas

Plaza de la Glorieta, Tabernas.

Área de Los Pinos

OASYS Mini Hollywood

OASYS Mini Hollywood.

The original Western Film Set, is situated in the heart of the theme parc Oasys-Mini Hollywood. The Western village was constructed in 1965 for the Sergio Leone film ‘For a Few Dollars More’. Mini Hollywood has become the major tourist attraction in the area with its well kept open air museums, attracting hundreds of visitors every day.

Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood

Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood

Western Leone was originally built by Sergio Leone for his famous movie once upon a time in the West.
The great red house, Mc Bains House, is maintained as a tourist attraction, along with other buildings of this authentic village of the West