Thursday, October 11th

10:00 h. / Theatre / Official Short Film
Section International Neo-Western Short Film Section Length: 116’
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12:00 h. / Theatre / Official Section
(Jordon Prince-Wright / Australia / 2018 / 100′)
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Oasys Mini Hollywood

Important ! To access the AWFF18 day at Oasys Mini Hollywood on October 11 from 15:00 h.,  it is necessary to book online ticket. See program. TIckets are free and will be available online from 12:00 h. Thursday, October 4

16:00 h. / Church
Presentation and comic-signing session of “Johnny el rápido”.
The author, Alberto Mateos, will be present.

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Johnny El Rápido Nº1 El Despertar /2017 / Published by Letrame. In this first issue, I present the main character, Johnny, who wakes up on the ranch of Fred Morry, who offers him help and hospitality. After recovering, Fred offers Johnny a new hat, a horse and a rifle to arm himself, and also gives him directions to the nearest town where the adventure of “Johnny El Rápido” will begin.

Alberto Mateos
was born in Cartagena (Murcia), in 1981. In 1999 he began his studies in art, at the Murcia School of Arts. In 2003 he began studying Illustration at the same school, and he finished in 2006 with his final project: a comic about the life of Michelangelo. In 2009, he worked for screenwriters making Storyboards. En 2010, he participated in the Fanzine “Momic” with a comic strip. In 2016, he published a Christmas card in the newspaper “La Opinión”. At the end of 2017, he published “Johnny El Rápido”.

17:30 h. / Barbecue area
Mini Chef Western cook-off for children
*Prior registration is necessary
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18:00 h. / Church
Presentation and book-signing of the book “Se busca: tras la pista de Sergio Leone”
The author, José Enrique Martínez Moya, will be present.

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SE BUSCA: TRAS LA PISTA DE SERGIO LEONE / 2018 / Published by Circulo Rojo.

Become an adventurer while walking through the sets that the Italian director chose for his five great films. An initiatory journey that enables you to look back on every scene and feel like a special viewer. Almeria benefited from Sergio Leone because he opened the province globally to the Western genre when he created a new style: The Western All’Italiana, which earned him recognition as a director, as well as the province of Almeria.

When he was already working as a teacher, he continued studying French and Hispanic Philology until he graduated, never neglecting his cinematographic research, which resulted in several books: Almería y el Cine (1992); Almería un mundo de película (1999) and Cabalgando hacia la aventura (2011), in addition to an endless number of articles and collaborations for other books and special studies, as well as collaborations and advice for other authors and journalists. He is the author of numerous projects, including ALMERÍA DE CINE, given to the City Council of Almería and presented in FITUR 2011. He created the association CINEAL in 1993, of which he is the president. He is also a member of the Institute of Almerian Studies (Instituto de Estudios Almerienses).

19:00 h. / Square / Retrospective Section
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19:30h. / Square
Concert of the“San Indalecio” musical group
Tribute to Once Upon a Time in the West (Ennio Morricone)

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The “San Indalecio” musical group was formed with the purpose of creating a musical band to carry out activities promoting musical instruction, offering a cultural and leisure alternative for young people. Almost 30 years after its creation, the previously consolidated band has a long history of concerts under its belt, demonstrating its professionalism at every concert.

20:00 h. / Church
Presentation and comic-signing of “Superjoven: Regreso al oeste”.
The author, Rafa Amat “AleS”, will be present.

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SUPERJOVEN: REGRESO AL OESTE / 2018 / Published by Sol de Sol

Superjoven, our clumsy hero, travels in a time machine (a Seat 124 car) to the sixties, the golden age for Spaghetti Western films in the province of Almeria. He will visit the sets of the films being shot during that time, however, his presence in them won’t go unnoticed and here is where he meets his best friend: Pepe “El habichuela”.

Rafa Amat “AleS” (Almeria, 1973) has collaborated with magazines, fanzines and other publications, in addition to different websites. He has published several parodic titles (Los Vengativos, Los 4 Fanáticos, Airon-Man). In 2016, he published his first graphic novel: IN THE FLESH. This year, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, he has published his latest work: SUPERJOVEN: REGRESO AL OESTE.

20:30 h. / Theatre / Panorama Section (Out of competition)
(Alejandro Herrera / Mexico / 2018 / 71′)
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22:00 h. / Theatre / Official Section
(Martin Koolhoven / Netherlands / 2017 /148′)
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From October 9th to the 13th/ Hall Teatro
Exhibition: Carlo Simi: creations for Once Upon a Time in the West
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From September 21st to October 11th / Pubs and restaurants of Tabernas
“Ruta de la tapa” (Tapas route): “ÉRASE UNA VEZ… LA TAPA” (ONCE UPON A TIME… THE TAPA)
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To participate, get your brochure at participating restaurants or online (coming soon)
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From October 9th to the 13th/ José Bellver Square
BIERFEST Beer Festival
You will find a wide variety of beers and food from Germany, concerts and activities suitable for all the audiences.