Italy – Mexico – US | 2018 | 60 min. | O.V Spanish  –  English Subtitles

The story of Father Kino, the founder of Arizona, his work to protect the rights of Native people, his geographical discoveries along with reflections on modern meanings of borders, walls and immigration.


Direction: Lia Beltrami 
Cast: Mark O’Hare, Richard Collins, José Luis Salgado
Script: Lia Beltrami 
Producer: Andrea Morghen 
Cinematography: Denis Morosin 
Editing: Lia y Alberto Beltrami
Sound: Alberto Beltrami


Suitable for all ages


Lia Beltrami has received the Golden Lion for Peace 2017 in Venice. She is the director of 40 documentaries all over the world; she won several awards for her films. She is appointed as Representative of Religions for Peace at FAO -UN.  She was the artistic director at Vatican Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015, which was awarded as the Pavilion which best developed the theme and she is the artistic director for the photographic exhibition in Expo Astana 2017, Kazakhstan. In 1997 she founded Religion Today Film festival, the first festival about interreligious dialogue. She founded the group Women of Faith for Peace in Jerusalem. She wrote 5 books. She is the CEO of the production company Aurora Vision, advisor for Dhaka Film Festival Bangladesh and hon member of the House of Wisdom, Grenada.

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