Brazil | 2020 | 17 min. 48 seg. |  V.O. sub spanish

Based on the famous poem by Jayme Caetano Braun, “Ruckus, the film” tells the story of an old man who, alongside his peers, evokes the memories of an intriguing episode of his past in the Rio Grande do Sul countryside.


Directing: Guilherme Suman
Cast: Clemente Viscaíno, Sirmar Antunes, Luiz Marenco, Cassiano Ranzolin, Kaya Rodrigues, Alexandre Cardoso, Cássio Nascimento, Janaína Barbosa, Luís Franke, Rose Canal, Marcello Crawshaw, Bruno Krieger, Guilherme Suman, Denise Franzen, Ênio Medeiros, Elton Saldanha, Cristiano Quevedo, Iluska Moura, Raquel Kubeo, Arthur Fernandes e Paulo Cardoso
Script: Guilherme Suman e Thiago Suman
Producer: Guilherme Suman e Thiago Suman
Cinematography: Juliano Dutra
Art Director/Production design: Pauliana Becker
Editing: Alfredo Barros
Score: Duca Duarte
Sound: Duca Duarte
Costume: Carol Scortegagna

Not recommended for under 12 years


Guilherme Suman

Actor, producer, screenwriter and now director, he acted in the film “A Cabeça de Gumercindo Saraiva”, by Tabajara Ruas, and in the series “Liberto – Horror Serie” shown by Prime Box Brazil. As a director, he was in charge of commercials, debuting in the audiovisual content with “Bochincho, O Filme.

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