Argentina | 2019 | 108 min. |  Spanish

Violence follows Isidoro like a shadow. With his brother he forms a gang of criminals, steals a jewelry store and puts the police on the trail. A woman comes to his life and love opens a new possibility, but there seems to be nothing but death in sight.


Directing: Nicolas Galvagno
Cast: Lautaro Delgado, Maria Abadi, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, Diego Cremonesi y Juan Palomino
Script: Nicolas Galvagno
Producer: Oriana Castro, Nicolás Galvagno
Cinematography: Leonel Pazos Scioli
Art Director / Production design:  Lucila Presa
Editing: Emanuel Flax, Nicolás Galvagno
Score: Mariano Castro
Sound: Sebastian Gonzalez
Costume: Laura Cacherosky

Not recommended for under 13 years

Screened in Official Section AWFF20

Nicolas Galvagno

(1977, Argentina). Director, producer and screenwriter, he spent his childhood in Frankfurt, then West Germany. Upon his return to Argentina, he finished his studies and worked in various jobs in the maritime shipping world. At the age of 33, he began his film career. He is an award-winning producer and screenwriter. Pistolero is his directorial debut.


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