Spain | 2019 | 3 min. 28 seg. |  Spanish

In a lawless, barren place, a young lady is about to face the ruthless Wasteland’s Butcher, the man who has kidnapped her child.

La nieta del carnicero del Páramo

Directing: Víctor Díaz y Ainhoa Beascoechea
Cast: Ainhoa Beascoechea y Pepe Abad
Script: Bartolo G. Méndez
Producer: Ainhoa Beascoechea y Víctor Díaz
Cinematography: Víctor Díaz Pardo
Art Director/Production design: Víctor Díaz y Pepe Abad
Editing: Víctor Díaz Pardo
Sound: Ainhoa Beascoechea
Costume: Pepe Abad y Víctor Díaz

Not recommended for under 12 years


Víctor Díaz y Ainhoa Beascoechea

Ainhoa Beascoechea (Madrid, 1993) and Víctor Díaz (Almería, 1974) met in 2014 in a role-playing game. Since then, although Ainhoa lives in the UK and Víctor in Almería, they have collaborated in the creation of short films such as It Happened on the Beach  (2016), Game Over (2016) or Adventure in the Cursed Mine (2017), among others.

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