Mexico / U.S | 2018 | 11 min. | O.V English / Spanish subtitles

La Gringa; a rough and tough cowgirl, has to change the rules to get what
she wants in a small pueblo in Mexico.

La Gringa

Directing: Alex Verlage
Cast: Adrianna Gentile, Pablo Soriano, Carlos Moreno
Script: Alex Verlage
Producer: Alex Verlage, Brandon Johnson
Cinematography: Elnar Mukhamedyarov
Art Director / Production design: Victor Verlage
Editing: Alex Verlage
Score: Juan Carlos Enriquez y Ariel Juarez
Sound: Clayton De Wet
Costume: Nancy Verlage

Not recommended for under 18 years


Alex Verlage

My name is Alex Verlage and I am a Director/Editor/Producer. I am from Guadalajara, Mexico and I grew up bilingual and bicultural. My mother is from the United States and my father is from Mexico giving me what I consider the best of both worlds. I therefore try to represent both American and Mexican cultures in all my westerns showing the beauty of both countries and how similar we all are.

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