Germany | 2019 | 88 min. | V.O. german sub spanish

In a town out in the West animals and humans are struggling and fighting about power and influence. A bank must be built, bullets must be shot and a curse has to be broken. Behind the scenes people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, refugees, people with and without disabilities, old and young were working together to crush borders and show respect.


Directing: Patrick Merz and Henning Wötzel-Herber
Cast: Fares Wadi. Marie-Elena Zibell. Fawad Falzi. Rayan Farousi. Hamidullah Habibi. Honorine Uwayo. Frenze Huth. Mariola Kuriata. Marcel Pötter. et. al.
Script: Patrick Merz and Henning Wötzel-Herber
Producer: Andrea Keller and Henning Wötzel-Herber
Cinematography: Mark Atkins
Editing: Patrick Merz, Henning Wötzel-Herber, Jeremy Boschung
Score: Verena Braun
Sound: Juan Romero
Costume: Rica Bückmann and Annika Krahnke

For all publics

SCREENING on 9.10.2020 from 16:00 to 17:30 at the TABERNAS MUNICIPAL THEATER  

Patrick Merz and Henning Wötzel-Herber

Filmmakers Patrick Merz and Henning Wötzel-Herber directed this movie together. Patrick Merz is working successfully with laymans on film for more than 20 years; for Henning Wötzel-Herber Adamstown was his debut as a director. Previously he produces some of their common work, i.e. awarded Film „BIG EARTH (Hotel California)“.

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