A la Hora Marcada | México | 2017 | 15,45 min. | O.V Spanish – English subtitles

Don Lázaro is a former gunslinger that has left behind his years of violence to care for his granddaughter, Beatriz. The child suffers a terminal disease and doesn’t have much hope to live. Lázaro is visited by a former friend for an appointment that will decide Beatriz’ future.


Director: J. Luis Rivera
Writer: J. Luis Rivera
Cinematographer: Daniel Anguiano
Producers:  Henner Hofmann, Karla Bukantz
Executive direction:  Daina Jurksaitis
Artistic Direction:  Marta Moreno
Sound:  Eduardo Hernández, Iván Ramos, J. Luis Rivera
Composer:  Diego Lozano
Edition:  J. Luis Rivera, Jimena Muhlia
Production Company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C.
Actors: Javier Zaragoza, Jorge de los Reyes, Sofía Saráchaga

Film Exhibited during #AWFF2017

Not recommended for under 12  years.

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