U.S | 2019 | 100 min. | O.V English / Spanish subtitles

The unforgettable characters from the original Emmy-winning series by David Milch meet after a decade to celebrate the creation of South Dakota. The old rivalries resurface again, the alliances are tested and the old wounds are reopened as they navigate among the inevitable changes brought by time and modernity.


Directing: Daniel Minahan
Cast: Ian McShane, John Hawkes, Molly Parker, Paula Malcomson, Timothy Olyphant
Script: David Milch
Producer: Nichole Beattie, Regina Corrado, Mark Tobey
Cinematography: David Klein
Art Director / Production design: Maria Caso
Editing: Erick Fefferman, Martin Nicholson
Score: Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek
Sound: Geoffrey Patterson
Costume: Janie Bryant

Not recommended for under 18 years


Daniel Minahan

Daniel Minahan entró a formar parte de la familia Deadwood desde su primera temporada en 2004. Desde entonces ha dirigido episodios para A dos metros bajo tierra, Big love, True Blood, Juego de tronos o The Newsroom.

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