FRIDAY, October 12th

10:00 h. / Theatre / Official Short Film Section
International Western Short Film Section
Length: 100’ approx. Mas info

Western Leone

11:00 h. / Square
Stage performance of Once Upon a Time… AWFF
“Hijos de mil padres” band

12:00 h. / Ranch
His family will be present
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12:30 h. / Mexican town
Children’s Activities

12:00 h. / Theatre / Official Section
(Matt Knudsen / United States / 2017 / 91′)
*The director and the screenwriter will be present
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16:00 h. / Theatre / Official Section
(Guillermo De Oliveira / Spain / 2017 / 86′)
* The director and the producer will be present
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17:30 h. / Theatre
Round table: The unearthing of Sad Hill cemetery
The Sad Hill Association of Burgos will be present

19:00 h. / Glorieta
Theatre: Yee-haw (La Banda de Otro)

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A fusion between the aesthetic and attitude of New Orleans with humor and ease of Andalusia. A band able to combine comedy and southern music from both sides of the Atlantic and also mix the most original juggling with an authentic duel of banjos.

Andalousiana is their territory and circus, humor and bluegrass music are their most dangerous weapons.

Their show is pure fun.

20:00 h. / Theatre / Panorama Section (Out of competition)
GOODBYE, RINGO (Documentary)
(Pere Marzo Font / Spain / 2018 / 60′)
*The director and the screenwriter will be present
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20:00 h. / Glorieta
Characterization contest
Awards ceremony for the short story and drawing contest, and also for the I Shop Window Decoration Contest and “Érase una vez… La tapa”.
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21:00 h. / Theatre / Official Section
(Royston Innes / United States / 2018 / 177′)
*The director, the producer and the screenwriter will be present
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22:00 h. / Glorieta
Line dancing (Level Up Company)
Jake Levinson Band concert (United States)
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Level up “El Golpe Infernal del Orfeo” will start their performance with a high-energy and physically demanding display. Immediately after, they will perform two choreographed guided line dances, suitable for all audiences. The event will finish with Bonnie Tyler’s classic: One Way or Another. The base of this performance will be more modern and will include hats and whips.

The Jake Levinson Band has a unique yet familiar sound, full of blues while combining soul, country and a little Funk. The band has four members: guitarist/vocalist, saxophonist, drummer and bass guitarist. The Jake Levinson Band was created years ago in a small town called San Pedro La Laguna, in Guatemala. They are currently living in Austin, Texas (EEUU).



From October 9th to the 13th/ Hall Teatro
Exhibition: Carlo Simi: creations for Once Upon a Time in the West
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From September 21st to October 11th / Pubs and restaurants of Tabernas
“Ruta de la tapa” (Tapas route): “ÉRASE UNA VEZ… LA TAPA” (ONCE UPON A TIME… THE TAPA)
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To participate, get your brochure at participating restaurants or online (coming soon)
Descargar Folleto pdf

From October 9th to the 13th/ José Bellver Square
BIERFEST Beer Festival
You will find a wide variety of beers and food from Germany, concerts and activities suitable for all the audiences.